Break a Leg!

0049-got_coffee_3-2…well, break a chair in any case.

Dusty has… had a favourite chair. It was an old off-white tweed-like swivel rocker that Dusty had for over 15 years and had been in the family for perhaps 5 or 10 years before that. It had been the accent chair going with a full sized sofa in the family, family-room. The sofa was something Dusty had hated to get rid of a number of years ago when forced to downsize — from a nearly 900 sq foot — two-bedroom apartment suite with large closets and storage unit — to a 450 sq foot basement suite with one small closet… which Dusty could luckily add an 8×8 storage shed to.

…getting back to the story…

I did love that rocker. My Dad had fixed it once, welding a broken piece back onto the swivel base where it had broken off. It was an earlobe shaped loop used to fasten it to part of the base — one of 4 on the swivel rocker base. That repair worked for a dozen or so years until perhaps 6 years ago when the weld gave way. I had no way to weld it and Dad wasn’t in a position to be able to help. The head of the screw on the remaining lobe on that side had broken off and the screws in the supporting piece of wood loosened allowing the whole base to pivot… not good. Anyway, I fixed it by taking the good screw from the side with the broken lobe and fastening the swivel base with only 3 screws and lobes and taking extra wood screws and good white glue and reworking the wooden supports for the base.

Black recliner (arm chair)

Black recliner (arm chair) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That worked for the 6 years… but bang! the chair broke a few weeks ago! This time, I figured I couldn’t fix the base again. I removed the base and put the chair on a board (to protect the carpet)  and sat on it (a lot lower to the floor) and pondered getting a replacement. I really used the chair more as a recliner than a rocker anyway so I started shopping for a recliner — even on my low budget.

I actually did my shopping online seeking out the best store to buy from. I looked for the greatest selection and best prices… good quality and a store with a decent name were important as well. I wanted a place that I could trust in case there were issues with the purchase like damaged merchandise. Actually the best place I could find was a chain called “The Brick“.

“The Brick” had a good selection and good prices even though their sales came and went like the tides. (regular and frequently) I went there and actually got a great deal on a very nice recliner… because it was a colour that most might not care for… but Dusty could live with.

Some call it “Spice”.

…most would call it “orange” or “pumpkin”.

That sounds pretty bad, but actually it goes well with warm wood grains and adds a splash of colour to an otherwise dark room. Besides it is high quality and very comfortable and I like it. (I might prefer brown or a dark colour but… the price was right.)

…getting on with the story.

English: art deco club chair

English: art deco club chair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The chair is a fair sight larger than the swivel rocker and it doesn’t swivel. It also needs room to recline even if it can be placed fairly close to a wall. I also wanted to place it in a different location… and there were boxes there.

clutter clutter clutter

It also meant that they had to deliver the chair which meant delivery men had to get in the door and move in Dusty’s rather cluttered nest. That meant one thing… some organization was needed. (Maybe even some de-cluttering?)

It took a lot, but I reduced one box, moved four more to a more convenient place and got rid of a bunch of long past due recycling. When the recliner finally came, it could go straight where it belonged. I placed a floor lamp where it belonged and two side tables et voila, I had a living-room!

I really hadn’t had a living-room since I moved here due to the clutter.

I have a bit of inspiration to do a bit more clean-up and de-cluttering as well.

The point?

It seems that one way to de-clutter is to make a change in your life. In mine it was the need to replace that old favoured chair. What might you change… or what change might be forced upon you? Can you deal with the change, or will it break you?

Bye for now,

D. Cluttermouse.


Life’s Journey

When I was born, I was very young…

When I grew up living with my parents it was in houses with more than ample storage space for toys and all the things of my youth. My parents had room for their hobbies and crafts and the family things like camping equipment and sports equipment — not to mention room for retired furniture kept for a future “rumpus room”.

For health reasons I lived with my parents through my twenties while going to university. At the time we really didn’t know what the cause of the problem was, but they were keeping me from successfully competing in the job market or completing my degree. I did get a great education though.

Finally Mom and Dad decided to move into a townhouse condominium and while I would be welcome to move with them, I figured it was well past time I should “launch” out on my own.

Problem was with coping with all my acquired possessions while renting…

It hasn’t been easy despite five moves (Five and a half, and perhaps I shall talk about the half some day here.) and trying very hard to reduce my possessions with each move. Each time has been very stressful for me and I have at least on one occasion gotten rid of well over a ton of material to the dump. (Literally as measured on the landfill scales.)

Now I find myself trying to squeeze into a one bedroom basement suite with a single bedroom closet. I still have ⅓ of my stuff out on the covered porch waiting while I cope with finding places for the stuff that I already have moved inside.

I do need help to cope with it and am trying to figure out just where to find it while living on a disability income. I have plans to get an outside storage shed and a wardrobe closet for indoors, but they cost money and money is a precious commodity. Even then those storage items might only be temporary as I may yet have to downsize from a 1-bedroom unit to a bachelor suite sometime in the near future.

Still, I know that it will be worth it to downsize no matter how difficult it seems.

I’ll let you know how it works out and how I get there!

~ Dusty
D Cluttermouse