About D Cluttermouse

Who is “D Cluttermouse”? Who is “Dusty Escritoire” for that matter?

Well, for the most part, they are me. I am a person struggling with the problem of clutter and holding onto too much. To the person who doesn’t know me, I might seem very disorganized, yet if you get to know me, you wil get to know that in reality I thirst for organization and often over-organize things. I just have a problem with not being able to get rid of things.

In part this stems from an innate sensation that things have feelings too… I know it is irrational. But in a very very deep part of me I associate objects with having feelings. That means that things I have owned for a long time have more than just sentimental value to me. It very much is a loss for me to give them up. It feels like I am abandoning a loved one — even if logically and spiritually I know this is not so.

That means I struggle.

But I am working on it. I work on coping. I will figure this out even if for long periods I feel stuck.

D Cluttermouse.

4 thoughts on “About D Cluttermouse

  1. Thank you very much for listing resources to help with clutter and hoarding. I plan to look into them for help in overcoming my own problems with hoarding

  2. Somehow it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I notice that I got distracted myself, so thank you: I noticed your blog referring to mine, read this, and remembered what I was supposed to be doing.

    Mme Papier

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