I Bought a Building! DCluttermouse R A Tycoon!

Well, I bought a garden shed. It is a nice galvanized steel shed covered with enamel paint. It is 8′ wide by 6 ‘ deep and about 6’ tall. It came with a floor frame but no floor. My Brother-in-law will help me with putting in a floor. Either he has some wood or wood product to use on the floor or he will help me get some at a lumber yard and bring it home.

The shed will give me the storage space to start out with dividing and conquering my clutter pile that is outside. I know it isn’t large enough to put everything in… but I think that is a good thing. I will have to make decisions and I think I’ll have a friend there to help with that. I also have a tarp to temporarily cover what I am working on deciding on…

It will give me time to go through things and downsize and offer protection to my belongings. I’ll also be able to sell the shed easily after – for they seem to sell quickly when put up for sale on Craig’s List. The shed is under the porch so it won’t even be in the elements.

Things are looking up!

~ Dusty

1 thought on “I Bought a Building! DCluttermouse R A Tycoon!

  1. I haven’t decided whether to edit the page or create a new one yet, so I shall just leave a reply for now.
    The shed allowed me to get my stuff under cover and it has worked out fine that way. I still have boxes in my suite, but not nearly so many now. There is still much to do but the space is much more manageable. I think I shall be creating a longer entry to talk about the pluses and minuses of the shed. But all in all it is a big Plus to my life!

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