Advise on Storage Solution…?

D Cluttermouse looks like they will have to find some form of storage for things “in the meantime” before being able to get the decluttering accomplished. I simply must get the boxes I still have outside from being just outside even if the porch is covered.

I do not wish to create bad feelings with the landlord who lives upstairs and I do not wish my stuff ruined and for mice or other vermin to move in making me their landlord inadvertently. Since I do not have enough room in my 1-bedroom basement suite without turning it into a closet or one of those places which you have heard of — with stacks of boxes and stuff with canyon-like trails from bathroom to fridge to bed… etc — I need to find some alternative.

The best two solutions I can figure on, aside from creative stacking… oh! that is how those canyon-like trails get formed… is to purchase an outside storage shed or find some off premises storage.

If I had the money for renting storage, I could have rented a two bedroom place — at least temporarily, for 6 months to a year — while I decluttered and downsized. Then I wouldn’t have to travel to and fro. Alternatively is begging space from friends and relatives. Well… my Sister and her Husband really have their own space issues with many hobbies, their own clutter, and even storing stuff for his Brother; my parents are trying to downsize as well and their garage is already full to brimming with still leaving plenty of room for the car; other relatives live out-of-province; friends, I just don’t feel comfortable with intruding on.

So that leaves the idea of a storage shed… combining that with “some” creative storage. I plan on purchasing a neat and tidy storage shed which would still keep the landlord content and be usefully large for storing stuff in. We have asked and it is okay with the landlord providing it is neat and I imagine not too gargantuan.

My friend says that “Rubbermaid®” makes some nice ones that are vinyl and have floors built in. She figures that 4’x6′ might be a bit on the small size. They are a bit pricey though. Another company “Jardin” makes them as well. There are also ones made with vinyl siding or perhaps vinyl coated siding — although those most times don’t have floors. They can be a fair amount less expensive.

I don’t need an expensive foundation as it will be on the patio concrete under the weatherproof deck. I do want a floor inside though so I can seal it against mice and the like.

It will be a major purchase for me and I likely will have to sell it when I move next, but it will be less expensive fairly shortly than renting storage might be.

My plan would be to have this outside storage closet and then to buy a wardrobe closet to put in my kitchen that I would use ⅔ of for storage and ⅓ of for coat closet — I still find it odd that none of the basement suites I looked at had a coat closet and relied 100% on the bedroom closet for everything… including mops, vacuums, coats, linens… everything in addition to regular bedroom closet stuff.

I would really appreciate if anyone could shed some light on this storage situation.

~ Dusty
D Cluttermouse