Things that I do to improve my situation

I’ll try to keep track of the things that I do that help my on my journey to a healthier living environment. I hope I don’t over-organize it though. I am going to start with a room for the kitchen though I do have a combined kitchen-office-livingroom-entrance hall. I am not sure how this page will organize into the others… it is intended to be a page from which others shall spring to do with improving my living space… perhaps this would do better going on the blog?

~ Dusty

2 thoughts on “Things that I do to improve my situation

  1. I feel grateful for your blog/website however it is organized. ‘The words in your title help me to admit I’m a compulsive hoarder who is attempting to declutter. Thank you.

  2. Hi again Elise!

    Thank you for dropping by and making comments. I was getting lonely and perhaps giving up a bit.

    I am trying still to at least look into a box a day. I looked into at least three to day and have two lined up by my door. I reorganized my bookshelf to put much of the content of the two boxes on – the are large deep shelves – and so I will have decreased my stock of stuff outside by two boxes and a canvas book bag by tomorrow. My bookshelves also look neater and I am inspired to do more!

    ~ Dusty

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