Where to Turn?

One of the big hurdles I face is knowing where to turn…

I have health issues including serious long term depression and complications due to diabetes and they make it difficult for me to get a lot done. That means that even if I intend to and work at getting things done to reduce my cluttered living space under control I can be thwarted by fatigue and overwhelming waves of anxiety. For me doing the emotional work required to downsize and sort through and reduce what I own is very serious and even when I can, I might not have the physical stamina to follow through.

My brother-in-law is willing to help by taking stuff to the dump when I need to. I have a few friends who might help as well, but they have limited resources which have kept them from doing a lot… also are not really responsible for helping me out.

My problem is trying to figure out someone who might help me out…

What I need is someone to come in for a few hours at a time a few times a week to help me go through things. It might mean them putting in a fair amount of emotional energy and not being judgemental as my clutter is considerable — at least to those who are not used to such things. My clutter situation is small compared to many who suffer from this problem though large compared with people who do not have an actual problem with it beyond normal disorganization.

I know there are companies who do this sort of thing, but I am not on an income that allows for that sort of thing.

I have some thoughts as to who to turn to and where I might not be able to turn to my friends for coming to my place to help those hours a week, perhaps I might turn to them for help in finding the help I need.

I do wonder what resources are out there?

Much of what I see of course are American and the situation there is different somewhat than here as I do have some health care resources that my American cousins on Disability might not have.

I shall pass on to you what I do find out though — whether American, Canadian, or other countries — as I find them out.