High Tech

It might not always be the case but often when there is clutter in one area of a person’s life it is on other areas as well. For other people it is not the case. Some people whose homes would make a bower bird proud with the clutter of brilliant bright objects and cave-like passages have meticulous orderly work spaces that would make a Spartan proud in their functionality.

I’m more often one of the former.

My computers reflect the rest of my place, very orderly but very cluttered. I have problems getting rid of old files and hardware. I probably have some of my first emails from the mid 90’s somewhere. Friends who have asked me to delete certain things after reading or looking at or listening to need not worry. If they asked me to delete it, I have. But I tend to want to keep a record of where I have been and what I have done. It starts with a need for back-ups and there is rationality to that… to a degree. The one time I had a drive crash I could recreate all but I believe one half day’s emails and other than that lost nothing… other than one drive. I mean the physical drive, not the information on it.

On the other hand, my drives — once seemingly huge — are crammed to bursting.

I did get rid of a number of computer cases and computers with motherboards on my last move. I also got rid of a number of old monitors, printers, and a scanner… they went to a group that refurbishes computers for charity and recycles what can’t e reused.

Now… I plan on reducing again. First though I want to get a large backup drive… maybe two… One for archival purpose and one for backups.

Then I’ll reduce my hardware again to the minimum I need for what I do. What do I do? I write, I do computer graphics, I communicate, and I help people with their computers. It does help if I have access to a number of operating systems so in some way I need one computer that can run Windows 98, XP, 2000, Vista, and Windows 7 as well as Ubuntu/Gnome and of course my personal OSX. I am working do do that with only 2 actual physical computers, though at the moment am aiming at doing it with 3. (I only have legit copies of W98, WXP and OSX and can of course get Ubuntu. Windows 7 is something in the works. I am working on a shoestring budget as usual.

First things first and Reduction of monitors is one of the biggest steps. a KMM switch might be coming soon. That will allow me to use one monitor for everything. I am hoping to get one used or refurbished for very low cost. But, it will bake a difference. Much less visual clutter in my living room office. I can donate two monitors which now sit on my desk.

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