Boxes Little Boxes


I my quest to go through all my stored clutter “One box at a time” I have a new approach to try. I want to get away from the stacks of cardboard boxes. I would like to start using plastic bins and crates.

This idea is many-fold. One, cardboard deteriorates and gives off paper dust into the air which does not help for a healthy environment. This deterioration also means that the boxes collapse and do a poorer and poorer job at protecting their contents. The cardboard boxes also add to a more cluttered appearance. The plastic bins will also with luck protect what I value, but need still to store.

The very action of switching over a box at a time from cardboard to plastic gives me a chance to go through all of my possessions and hard as it is, perhaps get rid of some — whether by donation, selling, recycling, reusing… using or trashing. With luck I can reduce the space taken and number of containers. Optimistically perhaps by 2:1 cutting 2 cardboard boxes down to 1 plastic bin of comparable size — and perhaps the plastic bins will take less room. Pessimistically perhaps it will only be 1:1 meaning 1 cardboard box goes into 1 plastic bin. But I will have checked on what I own and things will be in better order.

I do believe it will be closer to 2:1 —  maybe 4:3? I hope that at least I’ll be able to control where things are and know where they are.

But it will have to be one box at a time… or two, hoping to cut them down to one.

Ahhh, but where can I get very inexpensive bins? They need to be sturdy, protective, and I need to be able to count on getting more of them as I progress because I want to be able to stack them. I rather like the sort with the interlocking lids which are hinged so that you open them without removing the lids. But I suspect they cost a lot. I am using a lot of bankers’ boxes… you know the folding file boxes that offices use as well as a certain number of moving boxes.

I want to make a start by collecting all of my tools into one bin. I want to put hobby supplies into another one or two. Then I want to keep those bins in an easily accessed location. Another bin or two will be used for storing out of season clothing, linens, and fabric.

So, do you have any ideas?

129 pens… 10% work… why can I only find a fuchsia one?


Welcome to my clogged blog! — or rather my de-clogging blog where I shall be blogging about the de-clogging of my life.

I’ll be writing about many things and hopefully be able to keep the focus on getting things in my life into a bit more order. I don’t really want everything regimented — that is something I really do not want — but rather I just want to be able to keep what I cherish and want and be able to actually find and use or appreciate it. Right now, I have far too much clutter in my life.

I have some theories on why this is and I will try to address them on my journey to a healthier existance and likely I shall find that some of these paths are dead ends and only looked like promising leads to solutions.

Some of what I write might seem contradictory for the very reason that this is a voyage of self discovery and I am not really sure of the solution to my problems.

I do know that I am giving it a go… I must warn that I have some other issues that will make it seem like I am not trying. …perhaps my time frame is just a bit different than your own.

At least for the moment, I shall blog to unclog!

~ Dusty
D Cluttermouse.