A Few Days Late for Earth Day

Why Earth Day’s Important

I think that Earth Day is important the same way Hugs are important.

We love our loved ones all the time and do things for them – or should – through out our lives and days, but it is important to every once in a while to give a hug or something like that to let them know in a special way, like a punctuation mark. Earth Day is like that punctuation mark that ends the sentence saying “I care about the world I live in.” Rather nice that a period is nice and round at that.

I try to do what I can for the environment. Though some things are selfish. I love my reusable grocery bags made from recycled material. They give a greater sense of security to me for getting my groceries home. They also advertise that I am doing something – even if they advertise the store too…

I also pool with my parents to travel to the grocery store. Dad drives… still a convenience for me… I stopped driving my own car five years ago because it didn’t make sense for the few trips a month I made. I take public transit or walk normally. Groceries are a pain though. I do love my disability-annual-bus pass, so it is not so painful.

I do use “green” paper products for toilet paper, recycled paper products made with not quites so harmful processes, and It takes me two or three months to go through a roll of paper towels. I use reusable cellulose and use cloth dish towels…

I think my refuse is at about 1/3 trash 2/3 recycle and I put out a small-medium can once a month whether I need to or not. Of course I am single – that already reduces how much I would put out in any case.

There are still things that I do that could be improved: I still use more water than I should. I like to let the water run while I brush my teeth for instance. I also wash my one or two dishes under running water.

Some day I would like to own a “packed earth” home heated and cooled by a ground look heat pump. I would also like to have the hot water heat supplemented by solar water heating panels on the roof, unless solar electric ones are a better option. If I can afford a place in the country I wouldn’t mind dabbling with wind and water power as well.

I do think as well as many things… we do also have to be careful of cluttering the Earth. Something else that people do not consider with “Power” and “Energy” is that even “pollution free” energy solutions often do create “energy pollution”. The big one is heat being added to the environment where it doesn’t belong. Even a hydrogen fuel cell which creates steam or water vapour as its exhaust, also is creating heat. After all it is steam coming out. Electric motors get hot. Cities generate their own micro-climate which is measurably warmer than the surrounding countryside – and it isn’t just a matter of CO₂ contributions. The main consideration, for even if we went agrarian, would be population limits.

I think though it is a time to think, give the planet a hug and try to do something to improve and try to avoid something that harms.

~ Dusty
D Cluttermouse