What Happened to Dusty?

You might wonder what happened to Dusty!

Well,  a severe bout of depression along with a severe run of migraines and anxiety attacks. That led to time passing incredibly quickly and not much in the way of creative work being done nor much along the way of decluttering – sadly enough. Though with the purchase of a 6×8 storage shed things are looking up!

No promises on great gouts of progress reports, but you can never tell if I will be inspired to get back on the ol’ Smith Corona and get typin’.

I do pray that I can get a bit more control over my life.

~ Dusty

D Cluttermouse

2 thoughts on “What Happened to Dusty?

  1. Hi Dusty, Your writing has helped me to admit I am a compulsive hoarder and clutterer. I consider this the first step to recoovery, so I feel your writing has helped me and I want to thank you for helping. A joy in my life is a monarch chrysalis hanging on a potted plant by the gate. Thank you again, Elise

    • Hi Elise, How are you with keeping things under control now once you have gotten them under control? Like let’s say you get a kitchen cabinet cleared, can you keep it clear? Are you picking up habits that help you keep things from getting worse, even if they aren’t getting better or perhaps only going slowly?
      ~ Dusty

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