Clutter here Clutter there, Clutter can accumulate Everywhere!

Here is a question for you fellow clutterers… when was the last time you sorted through your bookmarks, favourites, or whatever you call the address of your favourite places on the Internet?

Do you go through them:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Seasonally
  • Yearly
  • Every once in a while you get a new computer and the browser is empty
  • You can delete bookmarks?

I have to admit that I just never get rid of mine and in fact, I don’t even get a clear out when I change computers or browsers because I am computer savvy enough to be able to migrate my bookmarks.
I’d love to put up a poll of readers, but really don’t have any to speak of yet — however, I suspect a lot of people with cluttered homes would likely have cluttered bookmark lists as well as hard drives. Of course at the same time I know sometimes these organizational-emotional things don’t cross such boundaries, but I bet for many they do.

I know I bookmark many things just because they are just so very interesting and I want to be able to come back to them when I have time to really take a good look at them — others I want to share — others I just want to prove they exist — and being a writer, some I just want to be able to call on as a reference. Mind you for the last category I will most often cache the page on my own drive in case it might disappear into the ether on me.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get to really Spring Clean on my bookmark list, but… I do hope some day to put them into better order so I can find them more simply and also will have places for the new pages to roost.

~ Dusty
D Cluttermouse

2 thoughts on “Clutter here Clutter there, Clutter can accumulate Everywhere!

  1. I recently switched browsers and didn’t bother bringing my bookmarks with me.

    With my new browser I decided to bookmark into the bookmark bar, and not the menu-item. This means I have to limit my bookmarks to about 10-12 items in total, cause otherwise it either disappears from sight, or the bar grows, cluttering up my screen. (Last thing happens to my browser šŸ˜‰ ).

    I’ve only done this for two weeks, but I like it. Anything else I wont to bookmark, I have to do something else with, depending on *why* I want to bookmark it. References go into a special folder, and sites I want to read later on (no time / energy now) I copy to my todo-list, which works really well. I date them, and if I have not read them after a week, I delete it without reading. Can’t be important then šŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Tonnieo!

    Thank you for commenting.

    Perhaps I should be nice and not tell you how you can bookmark to the bookmark bar and still have more than 10-12 items in total… but you might know it anyway and it would defeat your goal.

    My Bookmarks to begin with are divided between those on the toolbar and those not. I organize the ones not on the toolbar into folders and subfolders and sub sub folders etc. as required. When I manage a site for someone I might save all the tabs for pages I reference while administering their site into one folder so I can open all the tabs at once.

    I really need to houseclean and figure a better order.

    I think I really need to take advantage of temporary bookmarks — it is something I have heard of… basically they are placeholders for where you want to come back to an article you are reading but don’t have time at the moment. That way you can go on with what you need to knowing that you can come back later. I guess a person still has to clear them out… I guess a person might make use of their History for that, though that gets cleared if ever you clear your personal data for security reasons. (I do that whenever I have done any banking type stuff online.)

    Hmm, a todo list… I fear mine would grow to heroic proportions far too swiftly. But dated…

    And then there is the hard drive…

    ~ Dusty

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