129 pens… 10% work… why can I only find a fuchsia one?


Welcome to my clogged blog! — or rather my de-clogging blog where I shall be blogging about the de-clogging of my life.

I’ll be writing about many things and hopefully be able to keep the focus on getting things in my life into a bit more order. I don’t really want everything regimented — that is something I really do not want — but rather I just want to be able to keep what I cherish and want and be able to actually find and use or appreciate it. Right now, I have far too much clutter in my life.

I have some theories on why this is and I will try to address them on my journey to a healthier existance and likely I shall find that some of these paths are dead ends and only looked like promising leads to solutions.

Some of what I write might seem contradictory for the very reason that this is a voyage of self discovery and I am not really sure of the solution to my problems.

I do know that I am giving it a go… I must warn that I have some other issues that will make it seem like I am not trying. …perhaps my time frame is just a bit different than your own.

At least for the moment, I shall blog to unclog!

~ Dusty
D Cluttermouse.

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